Stricter Pension De-risking Guidelines on the Horizon?

Written By Jill Leitner

Have you ever considered pension de-risking?  Not sure if right now is the time to pull the trigger?  Although economic factors may control when is the right time to consider pension de-risking, the longer you wait, the more hoops you may have to jump through to get the job done. 

Some members of the Senate committee are asking for stricter guidelines on when and how this growing popular trend may be performed.  Some items of request include additional communication to the employees on the risk of the cash-out payments, additional standards on selecting annuity providers and additional PBGC reporting requirements.  All of these items will pose additional time and expense on the employer considering pension de-risking and may delay decisions to an economic time with less bang for your buck.

Senators Call for Guidance on Pension De-Risking

PBGC Wants a Heads-Up on De-Risking