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When Selecting HR Technology, Don't Rule Out the RFP Process

Written by Tara Morey

An RFP exercise, to help narrow down the number of potential technology vendors, can be very helpful for organizations looking to make a technology transition or upgrade.

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Changing Pension Service Administration: When It Makes Sense and How to Get Started

Written by Mark Ohnsted

The decision to outsource or change pension benefits administration providers is not reached on a whim. Most organizations that self-administer or already outsource their defined benefit plans rightly take the view that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But maybe it is broken and time to consider your options.

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New Overtime Rules:  Now What and How Do You Tell Your Employees?

Written by Jennifer Givens

After two years of debate, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) officially published the new overtime regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Employers will like this summary of areas impacted, cost implications and communication strategy considerations.

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How HR Established Itself as a Strategic Partner

Written by Tara Morey

Clayton Fitzhugh, EVP Systems Services and CHRO at Trinity Health shares five keys to HR establishing itself as a strategic partner.

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Your Strategic Plan Goals Are in Place – How Does Compensation Help You Get There?

Written by Jeanette Kopmanis

Your corporate strategic plan is in place with strong goals over the next three, four, five or more years – now, how do we get there?  Is your Executive Leadership team all rowing together toward the same port?

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Your Next Training Investment: Leadership Coaching

Written by Kimberlie England

Fifty-nine percent of HR professionals plan to put more emphasis on succession planning and people readiness. Many companies are relying less on traditional classroom-based training and are blending in leadership coaching to create a strong personal impact that is aligned with their organizational mission and people strategy.

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Call Center Outsourcing: How to Make Decisions

Written by Marquita Jones

From open enrollment and term vested buyouts to retiree medical and Form 1095 questions, organizations continue to evaluate the optimal model to answer employee questions.

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Two Proposed Accounting Standards Updates Regarding Defined Benefit Pension Plan Financial Disclosures

Written by Paul Gibbons 

On January 26, 2016 the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) released two Proposed Accounting Standards Updates regarding the financial disclosures of defined benefit pension plans (including other postretirement employer benefits).

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The Supreme Court Reaffirms That Plaintiffs in ERISA Stock Drop Cases Have Two Big Hurdles

Written by Sheila Ninneman J.D.

The United States Supreme Court echoed its decision in Fifth Third v. Dudenhoeffer regarding the standard for an allegation of the breach of the duty of prudence in stock drop cases.

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Six Key Sales Performance Indicators

Written by Tom Hurley

This summary provides a resource to help you focus on the key metrics to evaluate your sales incentive plan.  In addition to the number crunching, engage in discussions with your managers and sales team members.

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