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Defined Benefit Administration Services

As organizations continue to do more with less, pension plan administration services are one of the areas to consider using an outside resource to minimize costs and free up time for your team to focus on other priorities.

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Terminated Vested Buyouts Timeline

For defined benefit retirement plan sponsors who desire to distribute terminated vested buyouts by the end of a 12/31 fiscal year, this timeline begins with the end in mind.   The process begins with a buyout analysis, its impact on the plan and company, and potential accounting charges.

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Ways to Improve Participant Retirement Outcomes

Everyone knows that they want to retire. But, how do they go about preparing to do so? A big key to that answer is employer-sponsored retirement plans, communication, and education.

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Long-term Compensation: Real Equity or Phantom Stock?

Written By Marc Stockwell

The rationale for providing long-term compensation to key employees is well recognized. Shareholders, business owners, and Boards want to motivate, reward and retain key employees to promote long term thinking, grow the business and build shareholder value.

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Terminated Vested Buyouts – Why now could be the time

Written By Amy Gentile

More pension plans are considering a terminated vested buyout in 2014.  Declining interest rates, increasing PBGC fees, and updated mortality tables (people are living longer) are three of the key factors in alignment and driving the terminated vested buyout momentum in 2014.

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Top Wellness Trends

Findley Davies recently participated in the HERO Think Tank meeting in Dallas, Texas. More than 120 HERO members convened with experts and employers who shared case studies, research findings, and committee updates. 

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Time for a New Standard in Pension Administration

In 2013, Findley Davies participated in 15 pension administration request for proposals. All of these companies were administering their pension plans without sophisticated pension systems or call center or internet technologies that are typically found in an outsourced solution.

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Optimize the Pension Service Delivery Model

In a recent survey, plan sponsors overwhelmingly expressed their desire to improve operational efficiencies in their defined benefit plans. Show me a solution that saves me both time and money is the plan sponsor’s expectation from service providers. This is not surprising.

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Compensation Strategies for Family Businesses

Written By Thomas Hurley

Compensation is an emotional topic for both business owners and employees. Organizations are constantly trying to balance the bottom line with paying its workers fairly. That balancing act can become more difficult in a family business if a compensation strategy is not clearly defined.

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Driving Change in Your Organization

Managing any change effort requires thoughtful preparation, careful implementation, and reinforcement. Successful change management strategies create an informed, empowered, and engaged workforce. In fact, recent studies indicate that organizations that are highly effective at change management are significantly more likely to continue to exhibit new behaviors and use new skills after changes are made.

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Monitoring Frozen Pension Plans for Optimal Time to Terminate

Written By Blaine Brickhouse, FSA

As a result of the volatility in the stock market and decline in long term bond yields over the last dozen years, a number of pension plan sponsors have frozen their plans in order to stop additional increases in corporate financial liabilities and related costs.

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