We partner with organizational leadership to enhance the HR function.  This includes analyzing how HR is performing, improving processes, and selecting and implementing technology solutions.  Our HR service delivery consultants can extend HR's reputation as a strategic function that is fully aligned with business objectives.

We work to develop a strategy for HR by interviewing or surveying key stakeholders on HR performance and then profiling the HR function.  We also provide benchmarks to identify opportunities for improvement.  Our unique facilitation technique, called Compression Planning, can be used to review the current state and align priorities. 

Then we help improve HR processes by documenting the current technique and identifying gaps and solutions. 

As we work through the strategy, we can help evaluate, select, and implement technology and outsourcing solutions.  To ensure a successful fit, we:

  • Identify what the system must do;
  • provide expertise in the market to narrow the options;
  • develop and distribute an RFP using a web-based tool;
  • Manage and evaluate vendors using a structured process;
  • Facilitate contract negotiations;
  • Manage the timeline and deliverables during implementation;
  • Test the technology or outsourcing solution; and
  • Develop training and communication materials.

We have worked with a variety of HR departments — differing in size, industry, and technology capabilities.  This broad range of experience can help guide your organization in developing an efficient and effective HR function designed to meet business objectives.

Our services focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the HR function.  By successfully implementing a strategy, and maximizing the use of technology, you can expect to see:

  • More opportunities for HR to focus on business-critical issues (because resources are now available)
  • Reduced costs for delivering HR services
  • Improved employee and manager satisfaction with HR services
  • Measurements for evaluating technology investments