Our Human Resources Merger & Acquisition team has the expertise and years of experience to support you through the HR due diligence and integration process. We leverage the strength of subject-matter experts in all human resources areas, including pay, benefits, technology, and communications. Our change management experts prepare people for the initial business transaction, and continue supporting implementation and integration goals.

When an organization is ready to embark on a business transaction (such as a merger, acquisition, or divestiture), there is a clear need to focus on the financial and operational issues of the companies. But we also know that the Human Resources function of the organization can be equally important. Key talent is essential to the success of an integrated organization. Plus, HR due diligence can uncover an issue or two – issues that might change the terms of your negotiations.

These are the people-side questions that might come to mind when you start considering your transaction. We can help answer them.

  • How do the total compensation packages compare for similar roles in each organization?
  • What pay incentives are in place for the other organization? Are people aligned with a common incentive structure?
  • Are there cost saving opportunities integrated with health and welfare benefits?
  • What retirement plan liabilities and/or compliance issues exist that could impact the financial performance of the combined organization?
  • What policies and practices should survive the transition to retain and recruit top talent?
  • What technology should be maintained or purchased to support HR processes for the post-transaction organization?
  • What culture issues will create challenges between organizations?
  • How will you communicate with employees on both sides of the transaction?