Our solutions help organizations align wellness strategy with business objectives.  When employers make it easy to be healthy at work, individuals are empowered, engaged, and productive: helping the company as a whole achieve success.

Our Strategic Employer Welbeing services help organizations expand their health and wellness efforts beyond programs to lasting organizational culture change.  Most wellness programs have limited success because they tend to be part of the benefits plan and focused on activities.  Instead, high performing wellness initiatives succeed when the organizational culture shifts to support the overall health and well-being of each individual.

We partner with companies to:

  • Develop welbeing objectives and a strategic work plan,
  • Establish metrics to define and track success,
  • Create programs that support healthy choices,
  • Develop incentives to motivate desired behaviors,
  • Align benefit plans to support welbeing, and
  • Create simple, compelling communications to call employees to action.

Whether a brand new or well-developed wellness initiative, we apply our Strategic Employer Wel-being process to assess the current state, define or refine the strategy to focus on short-term and long-term objectives, and measure the results in health, behavioral and cultural change.  We apply proven change management principles to wellness initiatives to ensure both leadership support and employee engagement.

Wellness graphic